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Code Design

A coding path for the Design Community

Code Design is a great online platform for Architects, Engineers, Artists and Construction Professionals among others to hone in on their tech skills and properly brace themselves for the AI revolution.

WIth tailored concepts that speak to the heart of these professions within the creative industry, our users find coding and programming to be easily understandable and relatable without the complexity most often faced when learning to code.

Our curriculum designers stem from the creative industry.

Image by Antonio Janeski

Our Mission Is to empower through programming


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Learning to program can be challenging at times for the majority and the learning curve can be steep. The key to successfully learning to program is to have a growth mindset .

In these lessons, we have simulated a learning experience that enables the learner to walk in this growth mindset by using analogies in Architecture, Art, Engineering and Construction to drive home the core programming concepts in a way that benefits the learner and saves the complexity of programming curve.

Our Core Traits

We practice what we preach


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Goal Oriented

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